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Each year we experiment with different growing methods.  Apart from the Aquaponics system, we also use various Hydroponics including a “Suspended Pot Deep Water Hydroponics” and we even have some plants that we are developing for outdoor growing in the UK climate.

Here at the Chilli Farm we are developing various Aquaponics Systems.  These include a 4,000 litre fish tank with 2 flood and drain beds and a floating raft system that is over 7 metres long!

But, for the backyard gardener, we have various other designes that include a system made from IBC’s and also some vertical growing systems that are made from regular drainpipes available in your local DIY store.

Experimental Urban & Rural Farming Eco-system – EURFE

While we have 12 acres on the Chilli Farm, we acknowledge that not everyone has that much space – but we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to grow fresh produce.

Therefore, through EURFE we intend to demonstrate how easy it is to grow fresh sustainable produce in small urban spaces in just the same way that you can in open rural areas.


The flood and drain bed with the Auto-Siphon is the

perfect place to grow Garlic.


The floating raft system is ideal for Mitsuma and other Japanese Greens.


Flood and Drain with the nutrients from the Aquaponics system is the perfect environment for growing Wasabi.

Japanese Greens

Anything that grows well with lots of water and can fit in a 2″ pot is ideal to put in the floating raft bed.

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