Chilli Farm

much more than just chillies here at the Chilli Farm….


Deli at the Chilli Farm


The Deli and Cafe at the Chilli Farm is a great place to buy some amazing delicacies from Suffolk and beyond.  A beautiful barn full of character is crammed full of fabulous foodie treats.  A great cheese counter, local beers and wines, locally made chocolates, fresh bread, condiments, pickles, preserves, local milk and deli-made specialities, prepared and cooked on the premises.  Upstairs, a warm welcome awaits in the cafe, with views of the farm and the surrounding Suffolk countryside.  The cafe serves an array of produce from the deli, along with a comprehensive drinks menu.  Enjoy a relaxing mid morning coffee and cake, a sneaky afternoon tea and scone or a delicious lunchtime platter.  The choice is yours!
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